Selenite Bowl
Selenite Bowl
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Selenite Bowl

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Selenite is known for its unique ability to charge other crystals. Our small selenite bowls are perfect for small objects and jewelry. After wearing crystal jewelry or carrying stones, place them into the Selenite bowl to charge overnight.

Selenite is a soft stone that can be clear, white, peach, green, gray, or golden brown.  It reflects light and produces a stunning shimmer. Selenite is often used for clearing and cleansing the aura and energy field. It is unique in its ability to enhance the effects of other crystals.

Selenite is prized for helping one connect to their spirit guides or guardian angels.

Crystal Structure:

Sahasrara (Crown), secondary: all other chakras

Hexagon (approx. 4”x4”)
Round (approx. 4” diameter)

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